OG Spice 1 Spoke on Migos and How Hip Hop and its Veterans Should Be Respected.

You were quite open in your statements about the Wack 100 and Migos. Tell me more about all of it.

These young nig**z have to understand that they are us in 10 or 15 years into the future. So they should understand that I can’t be silent about this entire thing. I mean, remember all of the crap that Wack 100 talked about Pac and his mom, what was he thinking? You cannot get away with talking about Pac and not get me involved. They think that they can just go around make these stupid claims, be edgy and all that and get nothing in response. Man, f*ck those nig**az. They were never something significant, while we were and still are legends, if they think they can go round and talk shit and we in turn will just don’t do anything, these guys have big problems. Some serious f*cking problems. F*ck you! I will not get away until you two stupid-ass mofos apologize.

I liked how you responded to the statement of Migos that they are better than Bone Thugs N Harmony. Can you explain this entire deal?

Eazy-E brought them into this world. I mean that man made them into who they were, the legends of the industry. A huge number of people consider them to be one of the best hip-hop acts of the past 30 years. You can't compare 2 years of fame with 30 years of fan commitment. Anyone who does this is either a hypocrite or just dumb.

It seems that you won’t allow anyone to talk crap about 2Pac.

Real sh*t. I mean, I’m just saying that I wouldn’t be happy to hear such words about myself. I mean, imagine working for all of these years, busting your ass for this business, and then some young ni**a pops up and talks sh*t about you. It’s even more pathetic when it’s someone like these two idiots, they are nobody, they are new to the business, they cannot talk sh*t about it. They can’t talk like that about me, the same goes for 2Pac. I immediately responded when the Wack 100 spoke about Pack. Tried to talk to him. Well, I'm like this: "Listen, man, this is actually my pal." Calm down. I see you are angry, I see you are overwhelmed with feelings, or something else, but you just have to relax. This is my man you talking about. If you are in a normal relationship with me, then relax, nig*a. He never answered when I texted him about this after his statements. And now he tries to act like a victim in this, nig*a you f*cked up, not me. I chose the right path, I chose to be polite and not to make a big deal out of it, but then you f*cked it all up. As for Migos, I wasn’t really talking about Migos themselves. I talked about those idiots who wear dresses, paint their nails and other act like single looking for marriage. “What the hell is this going on?” I wondered. And I called them fags, this word just immediately came to mind. I mean I don’t have anything against gay men. Let the bastards be gay if they really want to, then there will be more women for us. I don't hate gays, but when I'm angry, I just say what I think. You know I’m old school. I did not want to offend either gay men or etc. Fa*ot aren’t gays. Migos are fags. They act hetero yet they look like absolute fags. A man that is gay is the one who simply says: "You know what, I am gay." Sh*t, but when idiots like Migos dress like that, without there being any reason for it, they are simply fag**ts who wants to attract attention.

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